Stooshe Woz ‘Ere… yeahhh!

They have a brand new collaboration with Billionaire rapper Travie McCoy called Love Me (WATCH IT HERE), a YouTube reality show called The Only Way Is StooShe, and their single Betty Woz Gone is so hard hitting but hilariously entertaining that i STILL can’t get it out of my head. I hopped, skipped and jumped over to their record label building in Kensington for Flavour Magazine to find out what these girls are all about!

Interview by Catherine Ababio (@CatAbs22)

From left to right: Karis, Alex, Catherine Ababio (me) & Courtney

Quirky threesome Alexandra Buggs, Courtney Rumbold and Karis Anderson are proving that girl power is indeed still alive and soon after they were discovered by their manager Jo Perry, their producers Future Cut quickly made sure record label giant Warner Bros took notice. A few scribbles behind closed doors later and the exciting combination of explicit lyrics, pop beats and a ghetto retro swag that we all call StooShe, was born. I thought it only fitting to introduce you to the girls who, if we haven’t mentioned already, tore up the stage at Flavour Live in November and have an eclectic vibe which adds a whole new slant to the future of urban pop.

What do you say to those who think you are just another girl group?
K: We aren’t! We really exaggerate our style, we don’t have rules, we sing what we want and we definitely don’t like to be doing what we’re told. [Laughs]
A: I love it when we perform because it’s like a StooShe alter ego, so when we get on stage we can go to the extreme. We’ll think about the most ludicrous answers and then we’ll be like yeah let’s talk about it in our songs [laughs]. That’s the beauty of it.

Getting signed must have been an amazing feeling, how do you think you will handle being controlled?
K: We only wanted a label that didn’t want to change us. Warner Bros really love how we are and the songs we did before.
A: The whole team are just as passionate as we are.
K: They’re not just leaving the office 6pm, they’re emailing at 3am in the morning.
C: We believe there’s a reason for that.

As you become celebrities, do you think what the press might have to say will bother you?
K: This business can be really lonely and only we three know exactly what we’re going through. I’m really glad that we’re not put out as these prim proper girls, because we’re not.
C: We’re all feisty and there may be arguments, but we all know our boundaries. I feel like I’ve known them for years and as long as my family can handle it, I don’t mind what anyone else thinks.

So… Fuck Me?
All: [Laughs]
A: When we read some of the comments… we were like, did we do something bad? [Laughs]
K: Like lighten up man – it happens every day but we’re virgins, obviously…
All: [Laughs]
K: Normal people have sex, they have quickies and women sometimes want to say what we’ve said, so we just said it! On the album we’ve got non-explicit songs too about not wanting to get up for work, relationships…
C: …not having any money! Hopefully people realise there’s depth to this project.

Stooshe's Alex, Courtney & Alex aren't afraid to make regular deposits..!

So Courtney and Alex you were both headhunted by your manager Jo in TopShop, at that point did you just drop everything and go for it?
C: When i was younger I wanted to do musical theatre and I used to go to theatre school but from being headhunted whilst working at Marks & Spencer’s, I finished up my A Levels and went straight into this.
A: I met Jo in my second year of University [Marketing degree]; I’ve always loved music and my mum was a singer as well, so I saw how hard it was and it kind of scared me. When I got the chance, my mum and dad said I should go for it but they were very strict so I always wanted to have a backup.

Karis you’re mum was a dancer and she put you in dance school at 3 years old to learn ballet and modern jazz, what happened when you hit your teens?
K: I went on to study at the BRIT school, and then as I love a challenge i started singing. I was working with people like Jessie J, Adele, Katy B – we all had the same teacher.
A: I used to do ballet but then I stopped because I thought it wasn’t cool… and I was really chubby! [Laughs]
K: Yeah my bum too – that’s why I really stopped! [Laughs]
C: Imagine me in a pair of tights… [Laughs]

Is the future bright for StooShe?
K: This time last year, Jessie J would say she was watching the MOBO’s at home on her own! We look at her, Wretch 32, Ed Sheeran, Emeli Sandi… and take a lot of inspiration and motivation.
A: I love the UK artists and Beyoncé’s work ethic!
K: Longevity is what we’re aiming for; the album is coming out, singles and hopefully we can afford one of those flights…
C: Up up into space! [Laughs]

Check out the girls performing for Flavour Live in October, which i event manage for Flavour Magazine: AND see the Stooshe spread on page 46 of the latest issue of Flavour Magazine: Back To The Future.

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