Interview: Bone Thugs are in complete Harmony and ready to Roc [the] Nation again!

I caught up with Krayzie Bone and Wish Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony, for MTV: The Wrap Up, whilst they spent a little time in London…

Interview by Catherine Ababio (@CatAbs22)

So when i say ‘Crossroads’, a few disillusioned minds may wonder, ‘yeah, what did happened to Blazing Squad?!’, whilst grandparents might be found reaching for the nearest A to Z, but any true hip hop music lover will know Bone Thugs & Harmony put ‘Crossroads’ on the map forever. Coming together musically in the nineties, these ‘fresh dudes off the streets’ were raw, hungry, insane and ‘didn’t care about anything apart from making money and just kicking it’. Now they’ve grown into mature men and a lot of people don’t realize that the Bones are brothers and cousins, as well as friends. So MTV WrapUp’s Ra’ed Poetical and Flavour Magazine’s Catherine Ababio decided to team up to give two of Bone Thugs’ legendary members, Krayzie Bone and Wish Bone, the chance to dispel all those rumors and tell fans what they can expect from Bone Thugs N Harmony as one of Roc Nations newest signings.

C: Welcome guys! So i’ve got to ask… as hip hop legends, have you been keeping up with the hip hop and grime scene thats been growing over here in the UK?
Oh yeah, I like how it has its own swagger. The chemistry about itself, I mean the accent is different for us but we’ve been seeing a lot of flows, you know that Bone Thug flow, and we really love that.

C: How do you think the standard compares to the talent you have across the pond?
We been listening to a lot of music, especially with that flippaty-floppety flow and the harmonies, and a lot of them have been really good.

R: You started your record company, Life Entertainment, together a few years ago right? Tell us more about that.
We’re trying to bring up international artists, create the love and teach them. We have artists from Canada, Australia, South Africa, America…

R: You continue to enjoy a career which has inspired generations and spanned nations, what have been some of the highest and lowest points in your lives thus far?
Of course meeting the great Eazy E was the biggest point, he was a hip hop icon in our eyes, so for us to be signed to him and have the success that we had is amazing. I still sit back sometimes, like wow we actually hooked up with a person we admired as kids. Him passing away was kind of crazy for us and with him being absent from our careers, we made a lot of bad mistakes.

C: What kind of mistakes?
Anything a young man that comes to power and money, without guidance, would do. We took a lot of losses and made a lot of bad decisions.

C: How has the business of music changed from when you guys started out? Is it a lot harder to make money now?
With the advancement of technology, it has definitely changed. Like when we were out, we had Tupac, Biggie, Bad Boy, Def Jam and labels weren’t scared to just put money out. It’s just a transition and if you love music you have to adjust.

R: We’ve got to touch on your classic ‘Crossroads’ track, did you think ‘yes, this is a hit’ when you were recording it? Right when we made it, back home we had lost five people within two months. In the time we just thought we had to really pay homage to these people, we didn’t even know it was going to be a single!

C: Bone Thugs have seen a few transformations over the years, do you ever see a point when you won’t want to make music together anymore?
There have been problems but Bones is a family. I am with them everyday and it’s going to be the 20th year anniversary soon so we plan to take 2012 to just be promoting, on the road, do a tour, album and everything. The kind of history that we have we will always be connected.

C: So will we be getting a different kind of vibe from you in 2012? We got families so we aren’t rapping about the same thing, we’re very in tune with what’s in the hood and talk about it, but we’re grown men now.

R: Young artists like Young Money signed Tyga, Drake and J Cole look up to you as pioneers, would you consider collaborating with these newer artists and in different genres?
You can’t put bone thugs in a box, if you give us anything we can rock to it. We already into dub step now, we’re not just rappers, we really take time with our music.

C: Are fame, money and success still as important to you as when you were kids…? 
R: …Or are you more focused on making great music that speaks to people, and the rest is a bonus now?
It’s cool to get acknowledged [but] the best thing to me is when a fan comes and says ‘your music saved my life’, that’s the ultimate.

R: Can your fans find you all on twitter? What do you think of all these social networking sites?
Oh hell yeah but when I first heard about this stuff I was like why would I want to tell somebody, where I am at?! He gonna be looking for me like a mutha’fucker!

C: Do you follow any of the shows like the X Factor, American Idol..?
Yeah, I watched a lot of those shows, i wish there were shows like those back in the day. I wish we had YouTube too, before you had to get out and grind.

C: You both still work so hard, with you Bone Thugs music, your record label and you’re about to go even harder with your tour next year, do you manage to balance family life with it all?
It’s definitely hard, you miss your kids and when they want to go in your backpack, all you can say is ‘daddy be back’.  It’s crazy, but they love it when they get to go and we have a special seating area for them, so they get to see what we do.

Head over to MTV: The Wrap Up to read what Krayzie Bone and Wish Bone said about some of Bone Thugs’ biggest misconceptions and how they would like to be remembered once they’ve taken their last breaths… READ IT NOW!

Interview by Ra’ed Poetical (@MrPoetical) & Catherine Ababio (@CatAbs22)

Photography by Ashleigh Jadee (@MsAshleighJadee)

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  1. Dope Conversation Without Bones I wouldn’t be the man I am today
    ~Keep In Touch~

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