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Almost 30-Something

Dear Nicki,

Hey. It’s me. Carma. I was wondering…what the f*ck were you thinking tonight at the Grammy’s? First, you show up dressed like Little Red Riding Hood.  I wanted to talk shit about you on Twitter, but I refrained. I was still rooting for you. Why? Because I like you. I think you’re unique and colorful. I watched your bio, and I love the fact that you went to a school of the arts. I did too. That’s why I dig you….but THEN you did some wild shit. You got a whole 4 1/2 minutes on the Grammy’s and you showed your ass. You had everybody in America staring at the screen in utter disbelief. We couldn’t believe that you were so….stupid. Did you know where you were? Did you fall asleep and wake up onstage by accident? Did you know Diana Ross was in the audience? Show some damn…

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