Actress Stephanie Davis talks Hollyoaks, music & beauty secrets

Before settling into her role as Sinead O’Connor on Channel 4’s Hollyoaks, Stephanie Davis made a name or herself competing in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Over The Rainbow’ talent search. The actress has blossomed into a self-proclaimed glamour puss and that confidence definitely shines through and into her on screen persona. Ahead of the New Year I spoke to the young actress for Flavour Magazine, to find out more!

Interview by Catherine Ababio (@CatAbs22)

You’ve been performing since you were just five years old, how did you first get into acting?
My dad was always doing plays at the Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool and it made we want to get on the stage. I’ve never know anything else.

How similar are you to your character Sinead?
I’m head strong like her; I’m not a cow like her [laughs]. Sometimes I take my character home to me mum, I start speaking to her like I speak to Diane (Davis’s onscreen mum, played by Alexandra Fletcher) and she tells me to pack it in. It’s been brilliant; I’ve just had such a laugh here.

We all love rebellious Sinead’s cheeky personality, but if you could play any other character…who would it be?
I’d probably play the girl in ‘Legend of the Fall’ that gets to play opposite Brad Pitt or… Ooh! They’re going to make a film about Amy Winehouse; I’d want to play her. I’d love to do that. I still want to do music, will hopefully bring that out in the next few years.

So i guess music was your favourite subject at school then?
Yeah, i never used to listen in English and Maths; I was just thinking about music, I’d be too busy tapping my foot under the desk. I used to have a proper laugh in Science though.

What kind of music are you in to?
Well I’ve got a bit of electro going on at the moment. A bit of Jack Wobb, Benga, Chase & Status, Calvin Harris and even down to Eric Clapton.

There have been quite a few baddies in ‘Oaks over the last few months, who has been your favourite?
I’d say Emmett J. Scanlan who plays Brendan Brady, he’s really fun but he is like the character. He’s just amazing; he’s my big brother in the show.

A gorgeous lady like yourself must get alot of attention and i think its safe to say that a lot of people also know your character for her eye-catching and let’s say slightly provocative…

You know what I’m going to say… [Laughs]
[Laughs] Every time I do one kissing scene i always remove a piece of clothing, now I’m practically naked on set. You don’t see it but really there’s a full crew of men in the room! [Laughs] But do you know what, I like all that stuff!

You constantly surrounded by eligible young males, if you could give out a sexiest male award to anyone, who would you give it to?
Top of the list is Brad Pitt. I’ve always had a thing for Danny from McFly and Dougie’s quite fit. I’ve always liked Zayn Malik from One Direction (this was before reportedly dating him briefly, I hope they ended on good terms!) and I’ve always had a thing for Tinie Tempah too, he’s cool.


How long does it take you to get ready for a night out? (Asked at 1:25pm)
Aaah, I’d start getting ready now! I talk a lot so it takes me hours, I’m never ready; you can never give me enough time.

Do you have any beauty rituals?
I have to always false tan and use eye shadow or liquid eyeliner on my eyes to make your eyes look dead big. If your eyebrows point downwards put lip gloss on to keep them in place. Big hair dead curly, big eye lashes, big eye makeup, yeah massive! I’m a bit of a glamour puss.

Any products you couldn’t live without?
False eyelashes, I’ve got two sets on now! I always use the Mac Lady Blush; it’s massive so it goes on really nice. L’Oreal, the gold shimmer one… Sublime Bronze! Yeah that’s really good too!

Such a lovely lass, so if you’re not already, follow Stephanie on Twitter: @StephanieAnnD and let me know what you thought of the interview @CatAbs22!


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