…and the Rihanna & Chris Brown ‘Birthday Cake’ remix has finally landed! Surprise, surprise…

Yes, RiRi and Breezy have seemingly reconciled and joined in holy remix matrimony by finally releasing the ‘Birthday Cake’ remix.

Post by Catherine Ababio (@CatAbs22)

Much to the delight and dismay of their respective fans across the globe, the pair who fell out three years ago after THAT attack have released the remix that most of us knew was bound to happen. A spin on a track of the same name featured on Rihanna’s latest album ‘Talk That Talk’, it is predictably not the music itself that has been trending highest in discussions about the collaboration. The pair who were knee deep in domestic abuse controversy this time 3 years ago, have sparked a range of views with this, what appears to symbolise a formal reconciliation between the two.

Some fans have taken ‘Birthday Cake [Remix]’ as a sign that the possibility of there ever being a Mr and Mrs Brown, is again back on the table. One user (yes, gender not specified – the limitations of the ambiguous usernames used within this cyberworld that we all love!) gushed, ‘[I’m] glad they finally got back together!! Hopefully people will stfu about their past. It’s all about moving forward’. Whilst another, clearly opposed to the way Rihanna seems to have forgotten what tore them apart in the first place, commented: ‘Rihanna take a seat he beat your ass’. Harsh, but we can’t deny the facts.

There are a splattering of comments from those unsure what to think about the duo (i think I may be lost within this crowd) but some who decidedly love the track, and there have been comments from a few who have remarked that the 1 minute and 20 second interlude version of ‘Birthday Cake’ on RiRi’s album, provides a much more pleasurable listening experience than the new track.

Whether you think Rihanna is a ‘Fool In Love’ for joining forces with her former attacker on this track, or even if you think it is high time she gave him that ‘Kiss Kiss’ and got over the incident, one thing i know for sure is that EVERYONE will be talking about it for the next few days!

…well, until the next high profile bust-up or celebrity death (too soon?)…

Oh yeah, if you haven’t heard the tracks (yep plural, Chris Brown has also released ‘Turn Up The Music’ remix featuring… uh huh, you guessed it, Rihanna! #TwistedPair) and want to judge it for yourself then click…google or youtube because its 3.30am and I couldn’t be arsed to find a link to paste!


Rambled by Catherine Ababio


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