Dissed Rihanna fan branded a cyber bully!

A fan who was dissed by Rihanna on Twitter has hit back at the star’s cutting rebuff and then some, leading the star to brand the tweeter a cyber bully.

Post by Catherine Ababio (@CatAbs22)

When @JuhReeV shared her disappointment at RiRi’s choice to collaborate with her former boyfriend and attacker Chris Brown, the Bajun singer gave the tweeter a piece of her mind (‘Rihanna disses fan on Twitter’ – http://bit.ly/AD76FQ). Not content with letting the 24 year old ‘Talk That Talk’ singer have the last word, the female tweeter hit back (not literally, phew!) with this:

Ouch! She then went on a rant as hundreds of Twitter users began to follow her, raising her followers from less than 100 to almost 2000 in the space of just a few hours. The rant showed the apparent fan, making offensive remarks toward Rihanna in What began as a simple tweet which escalated. It led Rihanna to out the tweeter as a cyber bully to all 14 million of her followers…

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