Rihanna disses fan on Twitter!

Rihanna sharply rebuffed one Twitter fan who informed the diva she had “lost respect” for her, following the 24 year old’s highly controversial collaborations with ex-beau Chris Brown.

Post by Catherine Ababio (@CatAbs22)

RiRi has never been one to shy away from expressing her feelings, whether that be through her music or on her Twitter page, so when one fan decided to tweet the star her disappointment, they received a very public retort.

The Bajun singer released the ‘Birthday Cake Remix’ earlier this week, featuring the same former boyfriend who just three years previously, left her quite literally battered and bruised before the Grammy Awards. Fast forward to 2012 and both performed at the awards ceremony, with rumors of an eminent musical collaboration between them rife. The pair confirmed the speculation just a few days ago with the ‘Birthday Cake Remix’ and to add to the already divisive debate about the reconciliation, the Bajun star also lent her vocals to Breezy’s latest outing ‘Turn Up The Music’, which was made public on the same day.

Commenting on Rihanna’s decision to make music with her attacker, female tweeter @JuhReeV went on to say that the ‘Drunk On Love’ singer’s choice was “not a good look”. Check out the Twitter rant whch ensued – http://bit.ly/xEQbhN!

Undoubtedly receiving a mixture of condemnation and support from all directions, one might see Rihanna’s response as a harsh but fair rebuttal to a strangers judgment, on a decision that only she had the right to make. However, many might say Rihanna needs to listen to her fans and realise that not only were the releases in bad taste, but perhaps undermined the seriousness of any woman who has suffered domestic abuse or an attack. With speculation that the pair may reunite romantically too, what do you think of @Rihanna‘s choice to make sweet music with @ChrisBrown?

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