…and the Rihanna & Chris Brown ‘Birthday Cake’ remix has finally landed! Surprise, surprise…

Yes, RiRi and Breezy have seemingly reconciled and joined in holy remix matrimony by finally releasing the ‘Birthday Cake’ remix. Post by Catherine Ababio (@CatAbs22) Much to the delight and dismay of their respective fans across the globe, the pair who fell out three years ago after THAT attack have released the remix that most … Continue reading

RIO releases #TheRiMix!

Manchunian emcee RIO delivers a Valentine’s gift to fans in the shape of his latest mixtape ‘The Ri Mix’ and he is set to perform six dates this year as part of Labrinth’s After Party UK Club Tour. Tweet The rapper has been receiving great feedback as one to watch for 2012 and after announcing he will be … Continue reading